Chemical Curiosities: Stunning Science and Dramatic Demonstrations – with Chris Bishop


Professor Chris Bishop, presenter of the 2008 Royal Establishment Christmas Lectures, leads us by way of a spectacular tour of the …



  1. Not sure what dictionary he's using but curious means this; …………… Whats does curious mean?
    1 : eager to learn : inquisitive Curious onlookers gathered at the scene. 2 : showing an eagerness to learn a curious expression. 3 : attracting attention by being strange or unusual : odd "…

  2. even though this was a very controlled environment, I can't help but feel unconfortable with white phosphorus around knowing what it can do and what it has been used for.

  3. This is why a container is NEVER half full or half empty.

    A container is ALWAYS full!….. of SOMETHING!
    The key question is ALWAYS: what is that something?????!!!!!
    ALWAYS useful to consider, when entering an enclosed space.

  4. Before I started to teach any chemistry, I always used to have two solutions – one was a solution of lead nitrate and the other was a solution of potassium iodide. I would ask the class what they might expect to happen if the two solutions were mixed together. No-one ever got it right (for non-chemists, you get a bright yellow solid, a precipitate, formed. This is lead iodide. ) The result is so unexpected that it would immediately grab the attention of the class. Chemistry is fun, not just a collection of apparently unrelated facts. I think that Professor understands this very well. His lectures are always full of fun.

  5. Phosphorus is used to light up the night in the military. We had small flares we shot in the air, and it would glow as it made its way down under a small parachute. It turns night into day.


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