CURIOSITY – That includes Richard Feynman


Richard Feynman doing what he does greatest – sharing his contagious fascination with the world. This video was sponsored by the …



  1. bro this is amazing, this is mind blowing, fking ammazing stuffff, every video on this channel is just , just mind blowing, omg, I cant thank you guys enough for making these videos for us, plz dont ever stop making these kind of videos, Love u all, big fan since 2011

  2. Remember this comment soon i will read this again(if i can remember my acc or find it on yt) i will become an astronaut soon

    Message to my future self: hello i hope u are not ded my english is kinda bad hope u have a great day there!

  3. I wonder what we as people will look like a hundred years from now I'm sure someone has taken the quantum and asked this question. Baby we have a video that goes in advance showing humans as they change and shake and fall and features?

  4. Dr. Richard Feynman is the scientist I idolize the most! He is the most pure and truthful student of knowledge I've ever listened to! His world revolves around the pursuit of knowledge and nothing else! RIP dear sir ❤

  5. When I think overwhelming this is my first question arise in my mind.
    1. Who am I – just mere plasma and others basic elements form a specific shape to form human body.
    2. What's my purpose ????
    3. Do I serve my purpose every day ???
    4. Who is going to evaluate me or guide me or ask me to follow
    5. By doing meditation, am I following the plasma or synchronise with our celestial solar plasma sun
    6. If that is true am I following the immense energy that control our sun is guding me to my next step or next level ……to solve my purpose as a human on earth ?????
    7. If these are true yes I am following celestial comic energy, does cosmic energy emitted by any alien force or equivalent ???
    8. Yes I believe in UFO AND ALIENS SPECIES.

  6. I am curious about the music, it's amazing, its marvelous, it's elite! , I need a separate instrumental video! please tell where can I listen to the instrumental version!

  7. Curiosity is a great emotion that helps us learn new things. We're born curious, and we're curious about everything when we're little, but when we get older we become less curious and we stop trying to learn new things. Curiosity helps us learn new things in life. Curiosity helps us in learning in school and learning in art and learning in science and learning in every aspect of our existence in this reality.


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