How To Shoot Cinematic iPhone Footage | Cell Filmmaking Suggestions For Learners


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  1. Man, i have found you while i was searching knowlege to imporoove my video skills. I made videos with dogs and nature , to promote a Dog Sanctuary in Romania, where we really care for the 50 rescued dogs living here. This tutorial and others will help a lot this Sanctuary. I just wanted you to know, that your work is benefical and helps a lot . THank you man!The Pack salutes you!

  2. What is the name of the handheld grip for the iPhone and the lense I see in the video that comes in at 6:33 sec within the video if you pause it? I want to get that and I want to sign up for there courses to build my brand in my new YouTube account other than this one with content in vlogging short mini films and etc….. very nice content


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