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Lightroom Cellular – Suggestions and Tips that you just MUST HAVE!


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  1. maaan Will you are a true hero ! for real thank you so much for explaining the app & dozens of tricks & tips.
    the way you explain things make me want to learn more & you seem like a humble dude 🔥 keep on doing what you’re doing

  2. Hi Will, this is going to sound a bit paranoid, but what would you recommend as an alternative to Adobe Lightroom for shooting RAW. Because, you know, you never know,. Thanks for the tutorial… I think I finally am beginning to understand some things.

  3. The only feature that I couldn't do with my LR Mobile is when you hold the slider bar on WHITES & BLACKS and you hold tap the screen. Nevertheless, thanks for this video! Great help.

  4. This is a fantastic video. However on my Pixel 5, I am unable to replicate the sharpening/ masking and black/white double touch feature. It must be an IPhone only feature 😞😞😞

  5. Great tut👌🏻 Im struggling with the sliders where u can slide with one finger and the same time tap on the screen with another finger to make perfect exposure. When I hold one finger on the sliders and one finger on the screen it automatically shows "Before". Maybe its different on a Iphone. I have Android.

  6. this video was AMAZING and provided so many helpful tips and tricks about Lightroom. Ive been using Lightroom for a while now and didn't even know you could do this much, this was awesome !!

  7. I can’t describe it but back when I was understanding RAW files, I noticed how iPhone images always looked very compressed, choppy or as you say “overly sharp” I didn’t think anyone saw that until this video, I’m glad you did. i only shoot in Raw, thanks for this amazing video & your tips definitely improved my mobile LR skills until I get laptop !! Subbed

  8. Great info! And great presentation (coming from a retired speech and video productions teacher). You remind me of my best students and you have inspired me to dive into LR Mobile. Does it work the same on an iPad?


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