The Thriller of the Pyramids' Building


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  1. Good explanations, but please explain: The pyramit is supposed to be built up whitin 2 years. That means, every of these huge blocks of stone was put into place within 2.5 minutes. This cannot be achieved with modern technology, how to do this job with bare manpower only? Definitely, it was done somehow else. But as far as I know, nobody knows.

  2. Even though Odyssey is bigger and more features riched than Origin, i was immersed into Origin much much more than Odyssey. Don't know why… Something about classical Egypt make me hurt around the stomach (i bet it's not only me).

    Now I'm again want to replay Origin again.

    I really want to immerse in the old Kingdom era now kid you not.. With the sight of the pyramids of Giza in construction…
    But i know, we have less less archeological findings to based on for the old Kingdom..

  3. How is a video made possible by a sponsor when I can create a video with every piece of content and editing in your video just from my iPhone…. Priorities I guess 🤷‍♂️ 💰 💰 💰

  4. Build it with water gates.
    Float the blocks into place.
    Certain internal tunnels help drain the water on completion.
    Why is the hieroglyphs interpreted as people pulling blocks on wooden slides along ground rather than pulling blocks on outriggers on water?
    The nile used to pass right by the pyramids.
    Seems a much more plausible explanation and a pretty simple solution.

  5. In Quran Allah say those people made buildings by carving the mountains, it was said roughly 1400 years ago, so I think most likely the Hills or mountains were there already and they just pierced or penetrated or cut or chiseled that way so it appears that way, as it was built from scratch, so an outsider can be falsely impressed.

  6. Please please please watch the Documentary Pyramid K 2019. I have been intrigued by this stone melting phenomenon (Even Granit) and I guess we have found the method used by Ancient Egyptians to built pyramids using Geopolymer concrete and Granite melting with solar energy. It also gives comprehensive answer to how this technology traveled to other countries especially India.

  7. Why is the very long ramp unfeasible? A civilisation that bent a vast amount of it's resources to building these structures could achieve a huge, single ramp of this size and magnitude and then erase it no problem. It is technically possible and not as unfeasible as you think. Sometimes the most simplistic theory is the correct one

  8. The keyword here is, “THEORY”….Like all other ways we have been told the pyramids have been built. They are all just that…”THEORIES”. All the scientists, architects, archeologists and ordinary people admit, we really have no solid factual idea how this was done. It is all speculation. Much is believable, much is not. A person is allowed to believe what ever THEORY he or she wants to.

  9. Limestone takes very very long to erode. The pyramids suggest lots of water erosion that begs the questions, what when were pyramids actually made and what did they actually use them for.

  10. These are built in an area which is desert. It means these could have been built for direction. This is why they are tall. They are aligned with star also so that is major reason for direction in desert.

  11. The real answer is: the pyramids at Giza were built thousands of years earlier the the Egyptologist have guessed. 4000 years ago they didn't have the technology necessary for the task. Ask yourself why older the oldest structures around the world are usually the ones with the most innovative building techniques. The theories, hypothesis, and guesses around Egypt's and the America's building technology were put in place by people living over 100 years ago with their limited knowledge. Somehow we've never advanced in our thinking.


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