The Rise Of Google Maps


Google Maps has taken on rivals like MapQuest, Yahoo and Apple. However after a decade of investing, accumulating knowledge and …



  1. Smart phone travel app tap on platform. Phone app knows you are waiting for next train, bus or tram. App auto notify you via phone and/or smartwatch X mins before train arrives. X preset in app defined by user. You can choose in settings not to be notified

  2. Google maps aren't by far perfect but they've gotten a lot better. Does anyone ask where we got this technology from?. Did we use reverse engineering from UFO's or did they implant the knowledge into us?.

  3. Man kind has always wanted to know what was on the other side of the Hill. And now we finally have the answer. And the majority of mankind don't even care

  4. This didn't age well,well at least for Google Maps on Android. It's like they deliberately messed up the app after it being the top gps/map app for years. I use Waze now and my iPhone maps.

  5. I used to love Google maps. Now, it's impossible to get the darn thing to show location history. According to Google maps now, my other 2 devices have no idea where I've gone over the last few months or it shows me being in a completely different area.

  6. Google maps have weakness . Cannot use in Offline . I can download offline Google map but the file size is big and difficult to determine location

  7. i only use windows not because it is the market leader but because chromebooks are not enough and macbooks are very very expensive…the day macs become about 400 dollars windows dominance will start to go down the drain.
    Apple's brandpower and relevance far exceeds microsoft any day.

  8. google maps is best for best route navigation. apple maps is best for detailed navigation directions and showing traffic lights. waze is best for detecting traffic cameras and police

  9. Google maps was easy to use until Google decided to change what was working fine, and made the new google maps which works BAD. A BAD company who hires clueless people who keep changing what is good. Make it worst please

  10. The rise and fall. Navigation is useless. I only utilize it to search for businesses, then go to other maps apps to get me to the address. It is outright dangerous to follow google nav. It changes it’s mind mid route all the time.

  11. Compared to the old days Google Maps is by far the best.
    The only way they can make it better is to add a "trucker mode" for people who drive semi trucks. This is just a very minor complaint though.

  12. I can't believe you didn't even mention real time traffic data off the major highways which was the main reason I started using Google Maps about 10-15 years ago. For the time, it was ingenious how they used everyone's location data to determine direction and speeds to put together that information.


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