Why curiosity is the important thing to science and medication | Kevin B. Jones


Science is a studying course of that includes experimentation, failure and revision — and the science of medication isn’t any exception.



  1. ※The essence of the Oriental medicine

    The Western medicine is the barbarian late medicine that does not have the cure if I do not understand the origin of illness. Therefore I cut the bad organ, and, as for killing you, there is a method with viruses by abandoned poison more. If the organ is an irreplaceable thing, I am going to deceive it by organ transplantation. However, a soul dwells in an organ. Organ transplantation is to disturb the harmony of the soul and is to betray a fate. Seeing from the point, the Oriental medicine elucidates a cause of illness, and the cure is established, too. The cause of illness is Hindrance of the soul such as departed souls. It is the creature which the vindictive spirits such as animals killed by eating meat dwell in cancer in cellulosity, and is going to possess and kill a human being. Therefore it recurs again no matter how much I cut it. Because the macrobiotic therapy exterminates dirty blood (the meat which I ate becomes the blood) becoming the cell of cancer by not taking in animal protein, and the book of cancer disappears, cancer becomes extinct. A lymphocyte of the immune system preys on a cancer and is cured by natural healing power. I bear a grudge, and the cancer toxin stops by and occurs. A cancer-causing agent is poison, and poison reduces natural healing power. It is necessary to raise weather of splenic (when I say in Western medicine stomach) to overcome a cancer (a ginseng is effective for this). In other words, it is to bring back natural healing power. It is necessary to fix the balance of the Yin and Yang of the heart. I reinforce a weak thing, and physical spirit increase by controlling a strong thing, and it can be the mind and body which can cope with what kind of disease. Therefore important thing is to eat farm products harvested by the natural agricultural methods that are not soaked in a pesticide, a chemical fertilizer with an intake of the poison near at hand.

    ※The Shinto art book that Prince Shotoku edited the Oriental medicine, predecessors in the family line past event biography of an emperor completion is the thing which is based to pass. I understand the art and need Huang Ti wisdom to pass, and to be familiar with a bare question. I accept Western lie science, and the fool who is handled as a superstition in Shinto cannot understand Sino-Japanese traditional medicine. The disease is actually caused by the spiritual power of the demon. The Oriental medicine gets over by sending this malarial air outside a body by natural healing power.

    The corona is a mere cold. You should use the Chinese medicine of the intense fever theory, but a drug to use is different in progress condition of illness. I let the sun palsy symptom (fever, sweat appearance, backwind, A pulse loosens and is soft) perspire with Keishito by a symptom when illness is contained to pass through the sun bladder of the table and get over. I cure the sun intense fever symptom, influenza (fever, adiaphoresis, chills, A pulse loosens and is obstinate) with Maoto. Therefore you must change the medicine by a symptom. The carrot is medicine letting you activate a kidney positive as for Weather of the spleen, the Processed Aconite Root. The person having a low resistance runs a fever immediately. This is because an organ weakens and becomes the immediate venereal disease of the high heat. Because diabetes is the disease that Weather of the spleen (sugar is left in the urine) weakened, I use Ninjinto. Because the chronic nephritis is the disease that a kidney positive (protein is left in the urine) weakened, I use Bushito.

    The cause of cancer is caused by eating meat, and leukemia is caused by an intake of the milk. Cancer is cured with natural healing power. The reason why a cancer occurs is that this natural healing power decreases. A cancer-causing agent is a toxin, and this toxin reduces natural healing power. You must take care of health by a meal to raise natural healing power. The meal strikes it for a small appetite on two meals of days. I stop the snack. The ingredients take only the thing made with natural agriculture. I avoid the thing which is soaked in manure, a pesticide. I take the seasonal thing. I eat brown rice. I do not eat the genetically-modified food (potato corn, soybean, grape Fructose). When I chew it well and digest it with saliva, a burden does not depend on the stomach and intestines.

    ※The most stupid one is a scholar of winning the Nobel Prize, and the first genius is Prince Shotoku of the medium of the wisdom that excelled in intuitive power.

    We are delivered from it from brainwashing of the science (mathematics, physics) got by a lie, and let's regain true study in our hand.

    The science is the fiction which I made because the devil denies God, and what is listed in a Japanese old legend and the Christian Bible is true. A stupid scholar all overturned this truth and built it to a convenient system of Mason. Thus, the people believe the trickery of the devil than words of God. Darwin's evolutionary theory, the Copernican theory of Galileo, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, mathematics, the medicine of Einstein are all errors. A ghost, a UFO, supernatural power, the miracle of God to be said to be the occult are rather true. A thing and a ghost (God) exist in the world, and space is active by spiritual power (conception) of God. As for God, all things were created by the soul of language. It is clear if I read the Bible. Because the present scholar mixes the logic thoroughly in human wisdom, it cannot arrive at the truth. It is intuitive power to be important. Why does a child seem to be? The thing which cannot answer this is a mistake. Our common sense is more right than a stupid scholar. The creation of God comes loose only by a fate. Everything becomes the material by a conception of God (person).

    I cannot prove 1+1 = 2 in a numerical formula. I can prove only a physical phenomenon to say that it is in two apples when I match another one apple with one apple. It is not 0+1 ≠ 1. As 0 (nothing) is not quality, you must not handle it for a number. Because quality is different even if I match a mandarin orange with an apple, there is not a meaning of the addition. Because it does not exist other than God when I define God as existence, no (0) does not exist. Because the mathematics defines 0, negative number, imaginary number, ∞ which do not exist in the world, it is an error and is a fiction. A number is to count quality. When I am separated from a physical phenomenon, the mathematics does not have the significance of being.

    ※If 0 exists by a definition of the mathematics, 0 of the infinity must exist. However, the infinite space, infinity do not exist. In other words, because the mathematics defines 0, negative number, imaginary number, ∞ which do not exist, it is an error and is a fiction. Therefore it is an error because a zeta function, the numerical formula of the second oiler product deal with this infinity. That it becomes sum of series Σ = 1+2+3+ … = – 1/12 of the natural number, or the product of all prime numbers is 4π^2. It turns out that it is an error if I think for common sense. It is limited, and the mathematician seems to get a wrong this, but uses the sophism when I calculate this endlessly if right. This is a mistake of the definition of 0 or ∞ and is the evidence that mathematics gets a wrong. It is definition f'(x) = limh of the differential calculus that must not divide it by 0 → 0 {the same as it being 0 that says that I bring h close to 0 without a limit, and dividing it by a numerical formula of f(x+h)-f(x)}/h. I divide it by 0. The mathematics is trickery not study in this way.

    All the origins of the scientific theory are random, and a bottom is broken. For example, in the theory of elementary particles, an electron joins atoms together and becomes the molecules. A thing joining a proton and a neutron together is a mesotron, and three quarks connect the proton, and there is it. An electron and a positron (antimatter) occur from a photon. An elementary particle to tie the elementary particle to whenever a new elementary particle is discovered is necessary and loses the relations with an elementary particle and the elementary particle more and more. Though a proton and the neutron are the same mass, why does a difference occur in having electric charge or not? The science has no answer with it in these questions. An electron is a material so that I think, and the positron is not a material in the hole of the material loss that the circumference was surrounded by in the soul children. In other words, the antimatter is an illusion. The scholar is going to examine it logically and loses sight of the truth. The structure of built nature of God is simpler, but is the thing which it is hard to understand in the human wisdom. A photon seems to have a particle and the two characteristics of the wave, but, in fact, the light has the property of the wave with the soul body.

  2. Kevin Jones made some great points on how certain people may view the accessibility that we have to healthcare as whole in his talk, whether he knew it or not. He made a statement, “We start to measure the quality of our health care by how quickly we can access it”. This could not be more spot-on. With the new technology these days on highways you can now see billboards in certain areas that will advertise the wait time for the local ER waiting room. Great idea, yet bad idea. If someone sees that a wait is up to 2 hours; they will more than likely start to make rude comments or criticize. Having a long wait time isn’t saying anything badly about the reputation of the hospital, however, people more than likely will not choose to go there. People are quick to judge when it comes to health care and how readily accessible it is. Almost always I hear people “self-diagnosing” themselves while they plug in all of their symptoms online. Not saying that isn’t bad, however, also not reliable. To play the devil’s advocate on this, one should not always go to the internet to seek medical advice. Sometimes a quick phone call to the doctor’s office could do the trick, and if they find that it is needed, they may ask for you to stop in. When it comes to the medical field, there is not one “correct” answer to one problem. There are many different options, and possible solutions it seems like.
    Curiosity plays a key role in the health field overall. Jones talked about experiments at the end when he had to perform the invasive surgery on the woman with cancer. He tells us to seek curiosity within our health professionals. Meaning, talk with them, let them talk to you. They cannot tell you what they do not know, but can tell you when they do not know. He encourages us to join in the conversation with them, and to not just become a patient, but to become a scientist in our “profession”. Meaning, if you have lung cancer, learn about it! Be curious about it, and have conversations with your medical team about it. Never too late.

  3. (The joy in curiosity, in learning continuously, could spearhead the discovery of the truth. It does not lie in tradition and conformation. Quote Richard Dawkins)
    For the 1st time ever the ultimate truth of life has been revealed. It explains in the most accurate but simple way the big picture of life in every facet. The Truth of Life is the key to true fulfillment. Google Truthcontest and read the Present

  4. What are the key questions that the people who go to a doctor should ask?

    And what are the questions the doctor should ask to see if the patient do understand what have bin informed to them?

  5. i see now
    i see
    isee higher self in its true form
    its our matrix to our own journey
    to totally and completely
    EXPRESS yourself have FAITH
    in yourself
    and well
    all knowledge is self knowledge so
    ulimeted knowlege
    & healing power
    help we
    not i
    we help we
    us we are us not u
    us we
    we areone under the sun
    love all
    love us love we

  6. he basicly is saying that researching something that seems insignificant can give the answers to something way more important. not that strange considering his job. the first half of the talk feels unnecessary and is basic knowledge for most of us.

  7. Curiosity is the key to life. The more we are curious the longer we live. Look at the cavemen who were curious about how to make fire. Thanks to them humans have survived. Look at Tesla who was curious about light and energy. Thanks to him we are able to have light during the night. Look at Einstein, Aristotle, and many more people who were curious about life who have helped humanity transcend and survive.

  8. "science is at its best when scientists humbly admit what they do not yet understand" This is where religion falls flat when it claims to be explaining anything about our universe. The religions of the world claim to have the answers (straight from god), and aren't interested in learning anything that might upset the story.
    They have fought innovation and discovery at nearly every chance, and still today push back against scientific progress in a number of areas.


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